Anonymous said: So what does Muhlenberg GSA do?

First, I should note that the GSA is actually in the process of a name transition; soon we will be called SQuAd (Students for Queer Advocacy), which is a better and more inclusive name for the club that emphasizes the power of students on campus.

The club does a variety of different things.  We try to keep a balance between activist and advocacy-type events, and social events that allow our group to develop into a close-knit, supportive community.  We also try to attend a conference every semester; in the fall, we went to the Translating Identity Converence at the University of Vermont, and last spring we attended the True Colors Conference in Connecticut.  With our events, we try to cover a broad range of topics and identities in order to be as inclusive as possible.  Recents events we have had include F to eMbody, a group of transgender hip hop artists, slam poet Andrea Gibson, a discussion on humor and it’s effects on the queer community, a Sextival (sexual festival with fun games, a sex toy raffle, and safe sex awareness), a screening of a film about the intersectionality of queerness and Orthodox Judaism, and we will be having a drag show featuring student performers at the end of the week. 

Additionally, we will have social events such as movie nights and game nights after meetings.  We also try to work with other student organizations and the Multicultural Center to highlight intersecting identities and explore the meanings of these identities and their impacts on campus life for both minority and majority students.

Hope that helps you get a better sense of our presence on campus!


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