Why are we changing the club’s name?!

As you may have noticed, our club is currently undergoing a name change.  We were recently approved by Student Life to change our name from Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) to Students for Queer Advocacy (SQuAd), which is really exciting news. You may be wondering why we felt the need to change the name. Ann Hoelscher (Class of ‘11), in an email to the director of Student Life, outlined these specific and comprehensive reasons for the name change:

1.We agreed that this name would be more inclusive— rather than creating a binary suggesting everyone in the club is “gay” or “straight,” we are using a more commonly accepted umbrella term, “queer,” to describe the special interest group. The word “queer” covers gender identities as well as sexual orientations, both of which we want to include.

2. The new name would differentiate between preconceived ideas of what a GSA “is” or “does” that students often have in their highschools and before coming to Muhlenberg. These groups are often social networks, which our club wants to be as well. However, we also consider ourselves to be a politically active organization that strives for social awareness and the education of the community as well as functioning as a “social” club.

3. We think it’s important to emphasize the power of students on campus.

4. To say we are “Students for Queer Advocacy” doesn’t describe our own personal gender or sexual identities, but rather the work that we do— “advocacy”— which encompasses the goals of the group more than “alliance,” which we believe is unclear.

5. It’s a catchy name that will differentiate us from the rest of campus!

Ultimately, our new name is more inclusive and better outlines our purposes and goals as a club on campus.  We look forward to continuing our work on campus as the Students for Queer Advocacy!

For equality,


Anonymous said: So what does Muhlenberg GSA do?

First, I should note that the GSA is actually in the process of a name transition; soon we will be called SQuAd (Students for Queer Advocacy), which is a better and more inclusive name for the club that emphasizes the power of students on campus.

The club does a variety of different things.  We try to keep a balance between activist and advocacy-type events, and social events that allow our group to develop into a close-knit, supportive community.  We also try to attend a conference every semester; in the fall, we went to the Translating Identity Converence at the University of Vermont, and last spring we attended the True Colors Conference in Connecticut.  With our events, we try to cover a broad range of topics and identities in order to be as inclusive as possible.  Recents events we have had include F to eMbody, a group of transgender hip hop artists, slam poet Andrea Gibson, a discussion on humor and it’s effects on the queer community, a Sextival (sexual festival with fun games, a sex toy raffle, and safe sex awareness), a screening of a film about the intersectionality of queerness and Orthodox Judaism, and we will be having a drag show featuring student performers at the end of the week. 

Additionally, we will have social events such as movie nights and game nights after meetings.  We also try to work with other student organizations and the Multicultural Center to highlight intersecting identities and explore the meanings of these identities and their impacts on campus life for both minority and majority students.

Hope that helps you get a better sense of our presence on campus!


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Muhlenberg GSA has a Tumblr!

Our executive board thought that creating a Tumblr would be beneficial to the club for a multitude of different reasons.

So what exactly is the purpose of this Tumblr?

  • To unite the members of our group and provide a space to share information, start discussions, and learn more about LGBTQ issues and communities.
  • To inform club members, the campus community, and the local community of upcoming events and opportunities within the club, or the area.
  • To provide resources for LGBTQ identified people and their allies.

How can I contribute to this website?

  • There is a “submit” button at the top of our page- you can use that to submit text, links, photos, video, and audio.
  • Original content (photos, videos, audio, essays, poems, etc) are accepted and encouraged!
  • Our ask box is always open to any questions or comments you may have, but if you have comments related to a specific post please try to use the comments feature to comment rather than our ask box.

How do I comment on posts?

  • All comments on our page are powered by Disqus. If you are viewing our posts on your Tumblr dashboard, you will have to click on the post and visit the actual rainbowmule blog in order to add comments.  If viewing on the rainbowmule blog, simply click the comments link at the top of the post (if there are no comments, it will say “0 Comments”)

Are there any guidelines for submissions?

  • Please do not submit anything overly offensive/hateful unless you plan to unpack why said submission is offensive.  If content is triggering, please provide trigger warnings (if you don’t a moderator will add one to your post and adjust the structure of your post as needed)
  • Make sure your submissions are credited to the correct source. This is really important!
  • If you’d like, sign your name on your submission so you can receive the proper credit for your work
  • Please tag your submissions, because this makes it significantly easier to search for the post on our blog. (an example tag would be “activism”, “events”, “video”, “original content”, etc. 

We encourage you to follow us, add us to your Google reader, or just check in on the blog once in a while. Add comments, submit stuff, check out the links at the top of our page, and most of all, have fun!

For equality,

Muhlenberg GSA

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